Schedule and Notes

Aug 24. Intro (goals, methods, content overview, exercise). Lecture notes.
Hubel-Wiesel, and its impact.

Aug 31. Vision I. Receptive fields,  dictionaries and sparse coding. Lecture notes.
(Olshausen-Field, Vinje-Gallant). GS1: Chris Rozell. slides; suggested paper.

Sep 7. Vision II. Optimization, Learning and Interactive Vision. Lecture notes.
Churchland-Ramachandran-Sejnowski. lllusions from the paper.

Project guidelines

Sep 14. Interactive Cognition. Lecture notes.

Sep 21. Deep Neural Networks and Kernel methods — state of the art. GS2: Le Song. slides
Review article.

Motor Control I. Dynamical systems, higher-level representations. Lecture notes.
N. Bernstein.

Sep 28. Motor Control II. GS3: Lena Ting. perspectiveslides.

Oct 5. First project: Visual invariants.

Oct 12. Paucity of examples. Dimensionality reduction for efficient learning. Lecture notesneural computation articlemachine learning article.

Oct 19. Cell assemblies and concept formation. Plasticity and activation. Lecture notesCell assemblies. Neuroidal model.

Oct 26. Connectomics. Lecture notesNonrandom features.

Nov 2. Human Computation. Lecture notesA model. Samira’s passwords workshop.

Nov 9. One Neuron. GS4: Bilal Haider. Review article.

Nov 16. Memory. GS5: Audrey Duarte. Sam’s hierarchical constructions.

Nov 30.  Language. Grammars, Universal grammars, learnability of grammars. Angluin’s algorithm. Merge/The Merge, JOIN/PJOIN. Evolution. How only humans? Lecture notes.

Final Project guidelines

Dec 6. Tue, 11am. Final project presentations. Projects!